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Dog Gives The “Saddest Goodbye” To His Owner When He Goes To Work Everyday

This is Teemo, a cute dog from Taiwan. He is such a human-lover! Not just that but he is so good at giving that ‘sad look’.

Teemo always looks sad when his owner has to go to work. Dog would give him such a sad look that, according to the internet, lasted for the whole 10 minutes.

So the owner decided to record him. His video has a lot of likes now on social media. Everyone is going crazy and they love Teemo.

“If I had this dog, I’d be working from home all the time,” someone commented. “There is no need for work! Stay home with this goodboi,” another social media user added.

You can already say that Teemo is so sociable. He also always likes to sit next to the door waiting for his owner to come back home from work.