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Rescue Dog Insists On Sleeping Face-To-Face With Mom Every Night

Most dogs like to sleep in their own space at night, such as at the foot of the bed or in their own bed, but not George. This small puppy can always detect when his mother is having a bad day and wants him nearby, so she insists on sleeping next to him, facing each other the way he prefers.

Three years ago, Jami Croslow was in desperate need of a friend. Her younger dog had died unexpectedly of cancer, and her elder dog, Jack, whom she had acquired from an animal shelter on the island of Guam in 2004, was well over 15 years old.

Jami has spent her whole life with dogs, growing up helping at animal shelters and caring for her family’s cocker spaniel. So she began hunting for another canine companion.

That’s how he met the small puppy with brown markings and comically huge ears who piqued his interest.

She stated:

“They only had a handful of images of him, but he appeared to be a corgi mix, which I like. Because all of my previous pets have been corgis or corgi mixes.”

Shelter employees informed her that George, along with 20 other animals, had been abandoned in a trailer park when his owner was evicted. George had nearly outgrown his term at the shelter, where he had survived owing to his winning the heart of an animal control officer who couldn’t face the thought of euthanizing him.

After learning more about George’s age and disposition, it appeared like he would fit perfectly in with Jami’s family, so she agreed to adopt him without seeing him. He contacted a Facebook group, which arranged for the puppy to be transferred and picked up at a rest stop in South Carolina.

Jami couldn’t disguise her amazement when she first saw George.

Jamie stated:

“I met the woman who had George, and when she opened her vehicle, it didn’t seem like a Welsh corgi.” I had the impression she had been duped by a dog ».

His disappointment, however, did not last long.