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Dog That Was Found All Alone With Sad Note “I Am Sorry, Please Take Care Of Her” Finally Gets Adopted

A dog was found all sad at Lais Chesine Monfrinato’s door, a resident of Mairinque, Brazil. Lais found out also a note next to the dog.

“I am sorry, please take care of her”, a person wrote.

So Lais immediately posted a status online with a picture of dog that now was looking for a loving and warm home.

Dog was abandoned and Lais couldn’t adopt her because she already has three adopted cats.

Woman’s friend, Rosane Carraco felt in love with dog immediately after watching her online and decided to adopt this cutie.

She named dog Lua. What a cool name, right?

Rosane also has a two-year-old dog named Mel. Mel and Lua immediately liked each other and instantly became friends.

Now they are inseparable.

Lua is lucky to have found a loving home and a loving mom!