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These Adopted Ferrets Will Melt Your Heart Right Now

A couple love adopting ferrets and they won’t stop. The leader of the group is of course, Mr. Miyagi.

He is so adorable and loves to play around.

Owner Rachel Black has told The Dodo: “We adopted Mr.Miyagi and I loved him immediately. Once I had this little life in my hands, I realized how much I was responsible for him”.

Rachel and husband never thought of adopting ferrets. Actually, at first they were rescuing them.

Miyagi has a best friend named Chloe, also a ferret.

The other owner, James O’Mara has said: At the end of the day, they all end up sleeping in a pile.

Two of ferrets passed out and Miyagi and Chloe were so sad. Actually, Miyagi was depressed.

Later, couple adopted three more ferrets.

They are best friends now with Chloe and Miyagi.

Finally, family decided to adopt a dog named Gordi. Dog is like a father for them. Such a great friendship between dog and these adorable ferrets.