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Rescued Cow Still Demands Hugs From Her Foster Dad Every Morning

With her adorable and endearing demeanor, a cow has captured her adoptive father’s heart. Few people are aware that these animals are really friendly creatures who prefer physical touch and that, owing to their tranquil disposition, they are approachable despite the numerous things that are stated about them.

Of course, some people are far more sensitive than others, and our main character is one of these people—a loving cow who is constantly seeking attention.

Ryan Phillips and his fiance Mallory Sherman adopted Jenna the cow when she was just a calf, having been saved when she was just three days old.

She resembled a huge infant to the couple, barely fitting in the back of their pickup. The cow gained strength and health over time, eventually gaining to her current weight of roughly 450 kg.

Jenna yet behaves as if she is still a baby animal in need of constant love and care from her parents, despite the fact that she is no longer a calf. The cow is overflowing with affection and enjoys being the center of attention. Her adoptive parents can only feed her kindness by giving her all the attention she requests.

No of the conditions or what her father is doing, the cow incessantly wants hugs, so Jenna always seeks for a method to meet her daily requirement.

Fortunately, she’s so adorable that we’re content to constantly comply with her requests, Ryan added.

This adorable cow was born with a twin. Sadly, this resulted in her having a genetic aberration known as Freemartin, which is a sterile cow produced after many gestations involving people of both sexes. The dairy business got rid of Jenna since she is infertile and does not produce milk.

She was introduced to Ryan and Mallory in this way, and they immediately recognized that she was a special cow and acted quickly to save her. Regarding this, Ryan said:

Jennifer has always had a personality that is as rich and alive as it is today. She may have believed she was a different person since I was with her 24 hours a day and she had the mentality that she can do anything with me.

This adorable cow has always had a gentle attitude and is constantly seeking love and parental attention. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t give Jenna a hug.

She finds us at any window in the house and cries nonstop until we leave, embrace her, scratch her, or chase her around the yard, according to Ryan.