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At The Shelter, A Scared Mother Dog Clings To Her Puppies

UPDATE: This lady and her children have been released from the shelter. On Saturday, Poochies Pet Rescue members picked them up from Orange County Animal Services. A photo of them in their new foster home is shown below.


Adrienne Andino had just one puppy in mind when she went to the shelter in Orlando, Florida. When she went, though, it was another dog that weighed the most heavily on her heart.

On Thursday, Andino, the founder of Pitbull Tailz Rescue, was visiting a dog in the isolation section of Orange County Animal Services.

She would, however, check on another dog in the same wing that some friends had inquired about when she was there.


But when Andino peeked into that dog’s kennel, she noticed that this canine was far from isolated.

Rice Krispie, a pit bull mix of six years old, was clutching a litter of newborn puppies.


It was as though her life relied on it.

And she wasn’t mistaken. Over the weekend, Rice Krispie was surrendered to the shelter.

Andino tells The Dodo, “She came in pregnant and gave birth while there.” “She was a pleasant person. And they’d be able to deal with her before she gave birth.”

Rice Krispie, who was still grieving from her abrupt desertion, developed an urge to defend her kids in this unusual, unsettling environment.

Andino continues, “She became a little bit hostile.” “This isn’t unusual, especially in a shelter setting. Dogs are frightened and protective of their owners.”


“They definitely know what’s going on,” Andino continues. “She was terrified and attempting to protect her infants because she realized what was going on.”

Rice Krispie and her puppies were placed in an isolation kennel as a result of her hostility. Her next stop would very certainly be the last.

And there was a danger that her children may end up on the euthanasia list as well.

“It doesn’t happen very frequently,” Andino continues, “but it does, and it has, and it will.” “However, in most cases, a rescue will step in to help with puppies.”


Rice Krispie’s protectiveness of her infants, however, rendered their destiny all the more dubious.

She wouldn’t allow anybody get too close to them.

“She was terrified and wanted to protect her children,” adds Andino. “She was trembling. Clearly trembling.”


When dogs are unable to leave their kennel, an image might be used instead. Andino took photographs of this bereft mother on death row.

On social media, they struck a chord. Rice Krispie was rescued less than a day later by a rescue group.

Scarlet has already been given to her. She’ll be leaving the shelter for good on Saturday, thanks to a joint effort by Poochies Pet Rescue and the Central Florida Animal League.

With her children.

And it couldn’t come at a better time. Scarlet, just one more sleep.