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Grandpa Secretly Raises Stray Kittens After Wife Told He Couldn’t Keep Them

This is 85-year-old Jimmy, who looks like a sweet old man – but don’t get fooled by his smile, because he hides a dark, deep, and lethally cute secret. He was raising a bunch of kittens behind his wife’s back, even after she said ‘no’. “My grandpa felt for the stray cats and would leave food in the back of the house near his tool shed, a spot where my grandma doesn’t go,” his granddaughter, Syl, told The Dodo. “This particular cat was especially friendly and got attached to my grandpa.” The cat happened to be pregnant. Jimmy knew his wife was against having kittens around. However, he felt he had to help her, even if that meant going undercover and doing something clandestine…

So, after the kittens were born, Jimmy placed them inside his shed. Time went by, and his wife was still unaware of any feline presence in their premises.

3 weeks into Jimmy’s undercover operation, the wife did find out that their shed was turned into a cat nursery. However, her heart seemed to have softened once she saw the kittens. Now she’s ok with the kitties staying until they’re old enough to find a loving forever home.