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This Puppy Was Found Badly Wounded And Scared Of Everyone So A Family Decided To Rescue Her

Hello, everyone. I am Benz from Bangkok, Thailand and today I have a heartwarming story to share with all of you. I and my wife could be described as a young and energetic couple. Both of us are a dog person. We owned one super energetic Boston Terrier and his name is Lonfah. In our language (Thai) Lonfah literally means ” Love you to the max”. My wife and I have been married since 2012 and still have no kid. So we have to raise Lonfah as our baby for years now.

Until one day our friend post on her Facebook that she had rescued a brutally injured female dog whose left leg is wounded so badly. At first, the doctor suggests that her left leg might have to be cut out because of the seriously infected wound but the doctor decided to have a word with our friend and decided not to cut her leg. And miracle seems to be with us this time. After a good treatment and good medication, her leg was amazingly recovered. Her wound heals up gradually and was not infected anymore. She has hospitalized for 2 months and during the time our great friend tries her best to fundraising to cover the bill of this poor dog.

My wife comes to me one day and ask me for an opinion whether I would consider having this dog. It took me a while to contemplate and I finally said let’s go pick her up at the hospital. Because I think it would be difficult to find a home for the handicapped dog. Later that evening we pay all the remaining bill and the doctor discharges her from the hospital. With a bit nervous I have no idea weather Lonfah will like our new dog or not? But we take her home anyway because she has nowhere to go.

During the first 4 days, it was so difficult dealing with her because she is so aggressive and would threat and bark at us at all time and we couldn’t get anywhere near her leg. We still have to spray a medical treatment to clean her wound every day. She became panic and would bite anyone going near her and would eat so little because she trusts nobody. On the 5th day, my wife said I can’t take this stress anymore. So she decided to call a dog trainer just to change her attitude and behavior. After 3-4 hours of intense training, her behavior changes a little by little. The dog becomes more open to human and the trainer would teach us how to get her on the leash and take her for a walk. Also, he would teach us how to approach her by not scaring her out.

Only 4 hours with the trainer it changes the table around. The dog became calmer and start to show her kindness and trust towards us.

And from that day on it had been 3 months since we have her and it had been a great enjoyable moment. Now our family is very happy having this young adorable dog. We name her “Din” which literally means “soil” due to her brown color./ Boredpanda.com