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Chihuahua Couple Need A Home Where They Can Stay Together Forever

Older chihuahuas named Zachary and Pee Wee were left behind at a North Carolina animal shelter after their owner died. They came at the shelter, but it was already quite full and couldn’t take them, luckily Adoption First Animal Rescue saved them.

It was clear right away at the rescue facility how much Zachary and Pee Wee cared for one another and how crucial it was to them that they always be together.

They have spent their whole eight-year relationship together, and they are unable to fathom living alone. They share a really unique relationship.

A worker at the rescue facility named Nicole Johnson told The Dodo:

“They frequently embrace. To feel protected, they want to cuddle up close and stare at one another. Pee Wee suffers from severe depression and struggles to make friends after their breakup.”

Pee Wee can be rather shy at times, but with Zachary by her side, she is quite different and has no fear of anything. Zachary is more extroverted.

“Zachary is the most caring and compassionate. He enjoys receiving hugs. Pee Wee also makes the effort to believe in strangers. After she gains your trust, she merely wants to be embraced and enjoys her privacy.

Everyone at the rescue center was so moved by this couple’s tender attachment after observing and loving them for a few weeks that they made the decision to do something really special for them.

They made the decision to plan their own wedding.

We believed that, given how close they are to one another, they deserved a happily ever after wedding after all these years.