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A Raccoon That Was Buried Alive Is Rescued By Kind Kids

A defenseless raccoon that had been buried alive was discovered by two adolescents who were wandering in a forested area near South Canyon, Texas, in the United States. The unfortunate creature’s tunnel had fallen on him, and he was now fighting for his life.

When they came across the distressed raccoon, Daiton, 14, and Rylen, 12, made the decision to go exploring in the adjacent woodland. They started digging him out of the earth as soon as they begged his father for assistance.

“Around two or three feet down in the hole, they spotted a raccoon. His front legs and head were all that were visible. The men immediately dialed my number and informed me of their discovery. The raccoon was struggling for oxygen when I arrived.”


Dray continued

“Watching this animal struggle was incredibly upsetting. My kids insisted vehemently that we had to preserve the creature.

After dusk, they made a call to the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which dispatched volunteers to assist in the raccoon’s rescue. They pulled him out by wrapping a grappling stick around his neck and shoulders with the aid of personnel.


The Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’s executive director, Stephanie Oravetz, told News Channel 10:

There were two cement slabs with a mound of dirt on top of them. The dirt mound had pushed down and collapsed, allowing the cement and the raccoon’s back to move slightly.

Fortunately, the raccoon was in good enough condition to be freed shortly after, despite being physically exhausted from the duration of his captivity. Daiton and Rylen watched gleefully as the animal left their work alive and unharmed.

The children’s father expressed his pride in them, and they appeared to be overjoyed to discover that they had helped save the tiny raccoon’s life.


It’s likely that the raccoon would have endured a protracted period of suffering if Daiton and Rylen hadn’t discovered him and battled for hours to preserve his life. The kids are appreciative that they went for a stroll and made it to the location in time to lend a hand.

Finally, Dray says:

“They told me about their joy when we returned to the house. I understood that they would remember this for the rest of their lives.