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Rabbit Falls Madly In Love With This Pet Bunny

It was an unusually warm day at this bunny owner’s home a few summers ago, so he opened the sliding door while working on remodelling the kitchen. His rabbit Pep sat by the front of the door, little knowing she was about to embark on an unexpected love affair. A wild rabbit hopped over, spotted Pep and immediately took a liking to her.

Pep’s owner says that on this particular day, wild rabbits were chasing each other around the yard because it was mating season. Maybe it was her unusual black and white fur, or maybe it was her large, plump figure. Whatever it was, Pep caught the wild rabbit’s fancy and the amorous rabbit wanted in!

Sadly, after several attempts to try and get through the screen door thwarting his advances, the wild rabbit decides to try his luck elsewhere, leaving Pep to wonder what might have been.

A truly tragic love story if I ever saw one. Although I think Pep’s owner wisely chose to keep the would-be lovers apart.