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Wombats Share Their Burrows With Animals Displaced By Wildfires

In the midst of Australia’s horrific bushfires, the bravery of the wombats has gained widespread attention on social media.

In the past, reports based on observations of wombat behavior during wildfires have led expert ecologists to hypothesize that a variety of tiny species may be escaping death by hiding in wombat burrows.

Since the start of this unprecedented crisis, this conduct has not yet been recorded. Nevertheless, that does not imply that it is not occurring; we will need to wait for a further assessment from a team of experts.

Image: Pixabay

According to reports, “countless little animals have spared death because wombats, unusually, choose to share their enormous and complicated tunnels,” according to a recent Instagram post by Greenpeace New Zealand.

Wombats had reportedly been observed engaging in “herding” behavior, which involved leading vulnerable creatures to safety.

But Greenpeace New Zealand has confirmed that these “herding” accusations, which were based on an Australian social media post, were untrue.

Image: Pixabay

These accounts, which refer to these little animals as “real superheroes,” have given hope to those uprooted by the continuous loss of Australia’s stunning and diverse nature.

Many people were inspired and astounded by the wombats’ conduct, however despite our desire for this amazing Disney movie scenario to be entirely genuine, the most recent claims appear to be based on unverified accounts.

Image: Pixabay

Although, as described in a recent paper published in Nature, there is precedence for tiny creatures like lyres and wallabies taking sanctuary in wombat tunnels.

Ecologist Michael Clarke from Bundoora, Melbourne’s La Trobe University, said:

“Animals like koalas are in a lot of difficulty when they reside above ground in tiny, isolated populations with little capacity to escape or find unburned parts of forest.”

Image: Pixabay