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Three Young Men Try To Pet What They Thought Was A Dog And End Up In The Hospital

Humans should treat animals with the respect and compassion they deserve, but they must also recognize the differences between domestic and wild animals to prevent mishaps.

Three students at the University of New South Wales, a college in Sydney, Australia, experienced the lesson personally.

The young folks accidentally came across a fox, and because they thought it was another animal, they tried to be a little nice with it.

Gavin Wang was the first to upload footage of the incident on social media, in which he can be seen beaming in front of a curious fox. The animal starts to sniff the young man’s hand as he reaches out to pet it.

Right as the fox charges him and prepares to attack him, the recording cuts off. The furry savage swiftly left the room as Gavin was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital and given a tetanus injection.

The same day, a 20-year-old computer engineering student named Liz Willer reported a similar incident involving the same animal. Like Gavin, she was bitten by the fox when she attempted to pet him, and she had to be transported to the same hospital.

I gave him a brief touch. She bit me as I withdrew my hand, and I knew it was the young woman who was sorry.

But it wasn’t the only one; in the medical center, he also ran into another perplexed student. The victim, whose identity was unknown, became even more perplexed; supposing the fox to be a cat, he crouched down next to him and started to pet him.

The three afflicted pupils must be more careful going forward and learn that wild animals are not at all amicable and must be extremely careful with them, as the specialists in the area advise. At the very least, none of the three instances required stitches, much less surgery.

Lara Schilling, a volunteer with Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue, a volunteer group devoted to saving foxes, said: “Foxes should be avoided since they are known to turn violent when agitated.”