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Mother Goose Looks After 47 Babies And Sure That They Are All Safe

Mike Digout has never been a lover of geese from Canada. This spring, though, his perspective shifted after meeting a magnificent mother goose who was caring for a big family.

Since work from home started, Digout has been taking walks along the Saskatchewan riverbank near his home in Saskatoon and bringing along his camera to capture the wildlife that lives there. That’s where he first met the geese.

“I was out every night looking for beavers on the riverside,” Digout told The Dodo, “and there was a lot of geese activity as they were coming from the south and seeking for a spot to nest.” “It must be extremely interesting to watch the geese compete for nesting sites and defend their nests.”

Digout spotted the first group of goslings hatching in May. When they’re young, they’re like little tennis balls with legs, according to Digout. “So, as I was waiting for the beavers to appear, I started photographing the goslings.”

Digout was sitting among some reeds along the riverside one night when he noticed a mother goose with a disproportionately big brood of goslings. The babies began burrowing under her feathers one by one to sleep for the night, until he counted 16 fluffy bodies crammed beneath their protecting mother’s wings.

“I was astounded that this mother had 16 children, so I began returning every night to search for her and her goslings,” Digout said. “And it looked like she had a bigger group every day.”