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The Nashville Zoo Has A Cute Baby Eland On Display

The Nashville Zoo is pleased to announce that its eland has been added to the zoo’s collection. The exhibition is called African Field. It shows African animals roaming over the savannas. Murray is eland’s given name. He was born in May and is a 6-week-old calf. Since his birth, he has lived with his mother. Murray’s mother’s name is Indigo.

An eland is a kind of antelope. As a result, they belong to the same animal family as deer. Murray is the second male in his eland group. Murray is one of four antelopes on the property. This was reported by Fox 17 News. Elands are endemic to Southeast Asia, according to the zookeepers.

Their natural habitats are grasslands and semi-arid areas. The zoo is implementing the Species Survival Plan. The eland population will be protected by this plan. It will do this by providing a secure refuge for the antelopes within the Nashville Zoo.

Elands are the biggest antelope, according to the African Wildlife Foundation. It has the ability to trot for lengthy periods of time. It can also jump over 4 feet in a single bound! The eland is a herbivorous animal. As a result, they prefer a plant-based diet. Their favorite foods include grass, fruit, and bushes. Elands, on the other hand, like to browse rather than eat. Furthermore, whenever water is accessible, they consume it nonstop.

Their social structure differs greatly from that of the other subspecies. Younger elands prefer to form groups, whereas elder elands are more solitary. Females travel far more than guys. This is particularly true during the dry season. Calves in a herd establish extremely close relationships with one another. They’re even more powerful than the ones they have with their moms.