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At School, A Family Surprises A Boy With His Long-Lost Dog

It’s not about what’s beneath the tree during the holidays; it’s about who you’re with. Carter Licata and his dog, Piper, are the best example of this.

The 2-year-old pug adores everyone in her family, but she has an unique affinity with her brother. Carter’s mother, April Licata, told The Dodo, “It was love at first sight for the two of them.”

However, the family’s holiday season was nearly ruined when the unimaginable occurred: Piper went missing.


Piper and her other dog were let outside to use the restroom last month by Licata. Piper was nowhere to be seen when she opened the door to let them back in.

The family looked everywhere, took to social media, and contacted neighbors and neighborhood organizations. They hoped for Piper’s safe return, but as the days passed, they worried that they may never see their pug again.

“Everyone was ill,” Licata explained. “The older kids refused to help decorate the Christmas tree, and Thanksgiving was a sad occasion for them.”


The Genesee County Animal Shelter then sent Licata a Facebook message. Someone who wished to remain anonymous had dropped off a dog that matched Piper’s description at the shelter. “My husband and I were driving out to dinner,” Licata recounted, “and there was an uproar of delight in the vehicle.” “We were both surprised and ecstatic!”

When they found out about Piper, Carter was out of town, so they decided to keep it a secret until he returned and surprise him with a special reunion. Piper, on the other hand, walked about the home seeking for her brother till the day came for their reunion.


Carter burst into tears as he spotted Piper in the front seat of the vehicle, dressed up in bows.

Piper’s tail went berserk when she saw her brother, and she leaped into his arms and kissed him as soon as he walked inside the truck.

You may see the touching video here: