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This Man Quit His Modeling Career To Go Live With 500 Abandoned Animals

At the age of 22, Gökçer Korkmaz made the decision to essentially give up the excellent life he had built for 500 abandoned animals in order to help them. In spite of the fact that he was a well-known model and student finishing up his degree, Gökçer was and still is regarded for having a pure heart.

This Turkish guy, who has been helping abandoned animals for the past ten years, took the choice after noticing a huge number of sick, wounded, and emaciated animals eating rubbish in Babaeski, Turkey, while on a family vacation.

To live with the abandoned animals in that town, Gökçer sold all of his possessions, including his electric guitar, motorcycle, and other items that were extremely important to him.

In spite of the family’ expectations that it would only last a short while, ten years after this man’s choice, he has acquired property and erected a shelter using recycled materials in order to protect the environment. 500 animals, including dogs, cats, and even sheep, presently reside here.

Many individuals have expressed interest in Gökcer’s narrative and have been moved by his art, leading some of them to decide to donate to the shelter. The animals are fed, vaccinated, and treated; now that they have a place to seek sanctuary, winter and summer are no longer a concern for them.

Donations from people who reached out to Gökçer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have helped to keep the shelter in good shape. While many people concentrate on achieving their own well-being, this man gave away all of his material possessions and steadfastly holds to the belief that helping less fortunate animals at all costs is the right thing to do.