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This Stork Will Never Fly Again And That’s Sad But He Is Grateful To Have Someone That Loves Him

This young stork will never fly again and that’s sad. His wing was so damaged and a woman saw him and helped immediately.

She sent him to the emergency vet care and stork had a surgery. This happened in the Mogilev region in Belarus.

A part of his wing was removed but stork was recovering day by day and started feeling better.

He is so strong and never gave up. His name is Gosha but unfortunately he will never fly again.

Elena Ersh loves this stork so much and he is showing some love to her because she saved his life.

While his recovery will be long and challenging, this lucky stork has great support from his new family and thousands of fans online.

Now Gosha is healthy again and happy to be given a second chance in life.