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Kitten Appears Whenever A Guy Enters The Café And Once Insisted On Accompanying Him Home

Basil Akwan is a regular client of a local coffee shop, where he is greeted by the purrs of a sweet kitty. One day, the kitten approached Basil’s table and decided to stay by his side. The man, who adores cats, was smitten by the adorable calico and gave her the name Sophie.

He brought food and treats for his companion every time he went to the cafeteria, and one day, without warning, the kitty chose to accompany him home.

Sophie waited for Basil’s arrival in the cafeteria at almost the same time every day; when he wasn’t asleep on the bench next to her, he loved purring near his laptop. She loved Basil’s company until she started following him around like a tiny shadow.

Credit: Image / Basil Akwan

“Every day, I used to go to the same coffee shop and see her there.”

Sophie was a stray kitten with no place to call home. He interpreted everything as a message from the cosmos that she had chosen him when he decided to follow Basil after his visit to the café and got into his car.

Basil explains:

“She climbed into my car and won my heart,” says the narrator.

The man brought his new kitty friend to the vet to make sure she was in good health, and then Sophie and her new father went to their new home.

Basil’s mornings now begin with Sophie’s gazes waiting for his meal to be provided, thanks to the cute kitty.

Credit: Image / Basil Akwan

Basil remembers:

“She was a bit hesitant on her first day at home, smelling everything, but I suppose she felt comfortable since I was there with her.” It is now completely accustomed to indoor life.”

Sophie is a very active child who likes causing trouble around the house. She regularly snuggles up next to her father when she is tired and needs to recoup energy; she enjoys sharing the pillow and blanket with him. They have a wonderful and lovely relationship.

Credit: Image / Basil Akwan

Sophie, the adoring kitty from the cafeteria, now follows her new father throughout the home, sitting on his lap if Basil is at the computer. They are really close and like sunbathing on the balcony together, as well as spending their days together.

Basil continues:

“She is really lively, and I always purchase her a lot of toys” (to keep her busy). The nicest feature is that it has easily adapted to my way of life.

Credit: Image / Basil Akwan

Sophie has grown into a beautiful kitty with a wonderful attitude. She is Basil’s most devoted friend, and she constantly goes out of her way to make him happy.

Basil expressed himself as follows:

“I’m a huge fan of hers. It’s the most wonderful thing that has ever occurred to me “..