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Baby Burrito That Spent 24 Hours Locked In A Bag, Gets All The Love Before Leaving

Any infant is one of the cutest animals on the planet. We can never comprehend where humans acquire so much wickedness that they are unable of feeling even the tiniest compassion for these innocent tiny lives.

Cases of inequity and animal abandonment, without a doubt, overwhelm us and make us wonder if mankind is still capable of doing good. We find it difficult to believe that such vicious deeds can come from individuals who are supposed to have reason and soul, which leads us to believe that humans are the true “beasts.”

While walking his dog in Alicante, Spain, a man witnessed the most frightening situation:

The burrito was found near the Heredades River inside a plastic bag

After witnessing the awful scenario, a neighbor alerted the Easy Horse Care Rescue Center, the area’s sole horse-rescuing facility.

Nobody could comprehend how someone could treat the poor animal as if it were a useless waste of trash. They quickly understood that whomever abandoned him did so knowing full well that he would perish.

They informed them that whomever put it there “didn’t want them to find it,” because it was in a secluded location on a rarely used road.

But, thankfully, it was already planned that he would be discovered by a neighbor, allowing him to experience some human love.

They took him to the San Vicente Veterinary Hospital right away because of his critical condition.

Staff made every attempt to learn as soon as possible how the animal was doing and what they might do to help it.