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Frank Cuesta Offers A Scared Rescued Monkey A Soft Toy To Calm Him And This Works Immediately  

A newborn monkey rescued from an animal trafficker has stunned the globe by clinging to the only item in his life that provides him with security and affection: a plush pig.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

It’s about the time when Frank Cuesta, or better known as Frank de la Jungla, a well-known and controversial Spanish activist and youtuber based in Thailand, showed what occurred after he rescued a newborn gibbon.

Until he saw the stuffed pig, the gibbon monkey had no faith in anyone.


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The incident occurred in Thailand, when Frank put his life on the line following a car he suspected was carrying animals for sale on the underground market.

It took a lot of courage for him to go through what he did. He opened the car door, unsure of what he might see. He froze when he saw this poor infant gibbon in a cage, terrified.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

From that point forward, the activist committed his life to repairing his heart and teaching him how to protect himself. He reassured her with the plush pig, never thinking that the relationship he would form with her would be so profound.

Have you ever seen a monkey in the forest who spends the entire day clutching to a toy?, Frank asks in a video.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

Fortunately, Frank has the necessary room, knowledge, and resources to handle such scenarios.

This is what you call a tree, child. This is a picture of leaves. You, buddy, are what you eat. See how they are branches? He informs the small monkey, “And this that goes about there are ants.”

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

He chooses to try to take away his toy since he realizes that he is too connected to it, similar to moms who, despite their children’s cries, know what is best for them.

“I’m sorry, but you have to learn to hold on to the tree,” he explains as the poor monkey sobs hopelessly.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

“This should have been taught by your mother,” she says to the youngster, “but since she isn’t here, someone has to teach it to you.” «Nothing occurs; everything is in order.» “Come on, try to step up a notch, I know it’s tough, I know,” the activist continues, moving the millions who have watched the video.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

Frank admits that he is still a baby and that this is the first time he has been alone in nature. And such an intense reaction is understandable after so much pain from being separated from his mother.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

She understands how distressed he is as she attempts to pull him back into her arms.

«He doesn’t trust the guy who feeds him, and he doesn’t want to stay in the tree with him. He was most likely born in captivity.

So, at some point, he chooses to rely on his indestructible ally: his toy. “You’ll see his response when he sees home,” Frank adds, gesturing to the plush animal.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

«These animals are apes, despite their resemblance to humans. And, like people, you have a wide range of reactions. Now he is safe, he does not scream, he does not tremble, he is a happy monkey with very small things, with his piglet ».

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

Frank treats the monkey like the defenseless, fragile infant he is in his serene nook of Thailand, Min Buri. He converses with him, feeds him, and the two of them slumber together. He also explains things to him so that he understands. He hopes to make it healthy enough to transport him to a specialist wildlife facility in a few days and give him a better life.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

And it’s because all of this animal lover’s efforts are vital since gibbon monkeys are a unique species that only lives in trees with their family, rather than in groups like other monkeys. As a result, the harm done to him by the traffickers is unspeakable.

The fact that these monkeys have unusually lengthy hands and can dislocate their wrists is a unique feature. It is an essential condition since, being the world’s fastest apes, it allows them to travel through the trees and run from predators at speeds of up to 55 kilometers per hour.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

Frank gives Canijo a powerful message with which the animalist want to teach the world the most important lesson, and the small monkey even seems to comprehend him:

«You’ll have to learn that people are nasty, that I am bad, and that every person will want to take advantage of you. You also can’t become friends with people. You’ll soon put down your toy and realize that there are other creatures out there who are just like you ».

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

Canijo, who was already at the center, went through a wonderful transition in which he had to say goodbye to his pig in exchange for a new stuffed animal. It possesses all of the world’s trees and plenty green space, allowing it to be reintroduced into the jungle.

Canijo’s situation is optimistic, according to experts, because he arrived so young, but this is not always the case. Rehabilitating an elderly animal can be difficult and expensive.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

“It’s simple to catch a chimp and sell it for $20,000 on the illicit market. However, restoring it might cost three times as much, according to the specialist.

From his rescue through his recovery, you can witness the entire tale in this video:

It didn’t take long for the enthusiastic and dismayed netizens to voice their opinions:

“”It hurts my heart to see those infants separated from their environment and mother”, “It breaks my heart to see those babies separated from their habitat and mother”. Human people can be so vicious. Fortunately, there are those who are willing to take any risk in order to provide them with a better life.

Credit: Frankdelajunglaa

«I’m crying because of this video. The tiny monkey is lovely, and his frailty is moving. With how good animals are, how can there be humans who trade them? Frank, you do a fantastic job. Thank you for everything “..