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Rescued Little Elephant Is A True Water Baby, She Loves Playing In The Pool

Meet this cute baby elephant named Chaba. She was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chaba’s mom used to do a daily show as she was forced to.

But Chaba got rescued at least by Save Elephant Foundation.

“When our team learned about the plight of Chaba and her mother, BunMa, we went to the camp to see how we could help them,” Ry Emmerson, projects director at Save Elephant Foundation, told The Dodo. “We found the mother and baby in a small concrete pen, barren of any enrichment, and the mother on a short chain. It was immediately clear that they were both in poor health and needed urgent intervention.”

Now Chaba is living a new life. Her first bath was the most exciting thing ever. She really loves splashing around the water.

She is such a true water baby. Even her mom is rescued now. She loves to eat tasty fruit treats.

“She loves playing with the water and splashing around,” Save Elephant Foundation wrote on social media.