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Dog With Separation Anxiety Patiently Waits For His Dad All Day

Toby, a lovely puppy that lives in Peru with his family, despises being left alone at home, especially when his father needs to go out for extended periods of time. The dog has separation anxiety and spends a lot of time on the balcony, even late at night, peering into the distance and occasionally howling.

Some dogs may have emotional issues, such as separation anxiety; they may want to be with their loved one at all times, and if they are left alone for an extended period of time, they may get unhappy and distressed.


This anxiety manifests itself in a variety of ways, from periodic screaming to clawing and gnawing on items. Dogs with separation anxiety will try everything they can to grab your attention and bring you back to them.

The most hazardous situation is when our dog wants to flee because he is lonely at home, and if you live in an apartment, your front door may be impacted. If you live in a house and let your dog in the garden on a regular basis, there’s a risk he’ll dig a hole in the fence and escape.

When our dog must remain alone in these situations, it is critical to ensure that he is in a secure and restricted area, since his nervousness may cause him to injure himself in his attempt to flee.


It’s natural for a dog to follow his person about the house when he thinks he’s going out, but if he starts crying, coming and leaving, or shaking for no apparent reason, you’ve definitely got separation anxiety syndrome.

In the essay Canine Separation Anxiety, Psychologist Rebecca Sargisson writes:

“Although most dogs develop emotional attachment to their owners, those that suffer from anxiety develop it more than those who do not.”


In Toby’s case, the problem is not as terrible because the dog is never truly alone and is constantly looked after. He also has a placid disposition; according to the family, he howls sometimes, but he never tries to flee, scratch, bite, or engage in any harmful activity.