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A Friendly Wild Dolphin Visits Two Dogs On A Boat To Say Hello

Miles and Stanley, two lovely puppies, have found an unusual new acquaintance who lives in the land beneath the waves.


Miles, Stanley, and their owner, Magen Peigelbeck, were out boating on a river near the Georgia coast the other day when a friendly local decided to stop by. It was a dolphin, and he appeared quite anxious to get to know the puppies.

While Peigelbeck watched, the dolphin swam near Miles and Stanley, repeatedly poking its head out of the water as if to say “hello.”

Peigelbeck told The Dodo, “I was in shock.” “I realized it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The following is a video of the beautiful moment:

This carried on for quite some time. The curious dolphin was enthralled by the two dogs, yet he seemed unconcerned about Peigelbeck.

Thankfully, Peigelbeck’s sentiments were not damaged too much.

“The dolphin was having a fantastic time, definitely observing the dogs. He was uninterested in me!” she stated


Peigelbeck and her dogs have gone out on the water a few times since then, but they have yet to see the dolphin. Miles and Stanley, on the other hand, are still hoping for another visit from their new friend. But it’s fine if it’s just a one-time occurrence.

“We’ve been out on the ocean for a long time and have never seen anything like this.” According to Peigelbeck. “Extremely unique.”