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A Beautiful And Sweet Dog That Was Left By His Family In An Animal Shelter, Has Been Waiting For More Than Two Years For A Forever Home

When an animal enters a shelter, the intention is to rescue it, care for it, and then be able to find it a home where it can live out its days. However, it seems that not every animal experiences the same outcome, as is the case with a sweet dog who has been in a shelter for more than two years without having a potential adopter.

A puppy by the name of Coco came to the Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR) shelter in Pennsylvania, USA, in 2019. He said that while his family had just relocated from Connecticut, they had opted to give the dog up since they no longer had the time to care for it.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Unfortunately, Coco has now been here for over 730 days and hasn’t had any adoption appointments throughout that period.

Coco continues to hold out hope and wait for the ideal family to knock on her door despite the fact that nobody has expressed any interest in him.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Once she gets to know you, Coco shows her lovely side, although she might take some time to warm up to people. His buddies at the shelter think that his initial shyness is the cause of his inability to find a home.

Heidi Mottin, an MLAR volunteer, stated to The Dodo:

Coco is quite apprehensive of strangers, but once he realizes they are trustworthy and don’t intend him any harm, he is silly, affectionate, and playful.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Coco enjoys giving kisses, and he is a very fearless guy when it comes to exploring the area around the outside shelter. Although Coco is a large dog, he struggles with trust, so it will take him some time to settle in at his new house.

While some people choose a dog that immediately fits into their lifestyle, you will need to be more patient with Coco if you want her to succeed.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue

Coco may be acting cautiously because she has been in the shelter for a while and finds it difficult to unwind in a place where there are so many dogs. Although it is a very stressful environment, everyone is certain that when Coco moves into her forever home, she will unwind and reveal her true self.

Heidi tacked on:

Coco is accustomed to living a normal life in a shelter. He appears to be content and nearly to have given up hope that there is more to life.

Facebook/ Main Line Animal Rescue