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He Thought He Was Saving A Cat, But It Turned Out To Be A Lynx Cub

A few weeks ago, as Mathieu Patry, from Quebec, Canada, was leaving for work early in the morning, he saw something moving but did not know what it was. Mathieu offers slowly and is surprised by what he sees.

As Matthew was offering himself to the wooded path without the little furry creature. At first it looked like a kitten, so I decided to take a closer look. As soon as I was offered a stroke of small pouters and round ears, said Mathieu Love Meow.

Mathieu Patry

From this, I realized that this was not a house kitten but a Canadian lynx which was separated from its mother.

All day, Mathieu had been thinking about the baby lynx. He had wondered if Lynix’s mother would return to her little one, or abandon him.

Mathieu Patry

He told Love Meow, “I went back the next day to see whether he was still there, and I could hear his screams from afar.”

Mathieu waited a bit longer before he decided it was time to interfere. He was concerned the Lynx kitten wouldn’t be able to live on his own. “The mother must have abandoned him since he was the weakest of the litter.”

Mathieu Patry

He discovered the Lynx near a tree, picked him up, and took him back to his house. “I sought assistance from a wildlife rehabber at a nearby zoo,” Mathieu added.

Mathieu Patry

He was given instructions to feed and care for the Lynx for the day after contacting the specialists.

At night, Mathieu kept a careful check on the little one to make sure he was fine.

Mathieu Patry

“I took him to the zoo the next day,” Mathieu told Love Meow.

The Lynx turned out to be extremely young and wouldn’t have survived much longer on his own. The Lynx is back on track and performing admirably thanks to the rehabbers’ assistance. He’ll be released back into the wild once he’s ready.

Mathieu Patry

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