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Little Lamb Who Is Severely Ill And Is Abandoned By His Owner Is Saved From Death By A Rescued Cat

Thanks to the commitment and care of another animal—a rescued kitten—a tiny lamb who not only had to deal with an unknown diagnosis but also the rejection of those who should show him love—has been miraculously spared.

A little additional assistance is usually helpful when caring for each animal in an animal shelter, where multiple volunteers are constantly needed.

As if she were another volunteer, Dora, a cat who was also saved by the organization “Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary,” is now helping other animals within the institution.

A small lamb was born and its mother passed after giving delivery on the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice. Because the farmer who owned him didn’t think he could care for him without his mother, he decided to put him up for adoption online.

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

When the members of “Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary” read the advertisement, they immediately called to inquire about adopting the little lamb. However, the farmer refused, claiming he didn’t want to send the lamb to a nursing facility.

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Carla Reilly Moore, co-founder of “Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary” in Kingston, claims that “farmers typically don’t like asylums because we expose the ugly side of the industry.”

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Nevertheless, the rescuers persisted and secretly adopted the lamb without mentioning the institution.

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Carla recalls, “He was really ill when he entered the institution; his tail and testicles were wrapped, I should add, very poorly, and covered with feces. We weren’t sure if we would survive.

He was helped by Carla and her husband, the asylum’s director, and eventually had surgery to remove his tail and testicles.

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Carla claims that “Charlie the small lamb was our Christmas miracle.”

Dora, the kitten who had been saved in November, was also always by Charlie’s side, so it wasn’t only the human volunteers who were watching out for him.

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary