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A Dog Who Vanished Without A Trace 7 Years Ago Finally Reappeared

The photos below show Border Collies, Sam and Billie (with the blue eye), but before we go any further, let’s wind the clock back 10 years or so.

Sammy was a cute, fluffy, 6-month-old Border Collie pup mooching around his family’s front yard. All the neighbours knew him and he was well loved by Nikki and Simon.

But something happened that day and Sam disappeared without a trace from the front yard, and nobody saw anything. A little while later they welcomed into their home another Border Collie whose owners could no longer keep him, and Billie joined their family, and life went on. After 7 years, owners received a phone call from WISH Animal Rescue to tell them that their dog Sam was currently at Foothills Animal Hospital.

There was a gentle wisdom that washed over us from Sam during his photo shoot with us at the Perth dog beach, and even with the neglect he suffered at the hands of humans, he didn’t hesitate trotting over to us the second we got out of the car, bum and tail wagging, asking for a pat. He is now 10-years-old and Billie is 9. He’s deaf and a bit wobbly on his feet and he looks older than his 10 years with what he’s been through, but he is utterly charming in every way.