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A Man Who Manages Two Wildlife Parks In Australia Shares Beautiful Images To Show What His Lovely Job Looks Like

Many people’s holiday plans were canceled as a result of the quarantine orders issued throughout the world due to Covid-19, which essentially obliged us to stay at home.

You can go to the grocery store, work, and other business facilities in certain regions, but you should always take precautions.

The world is how it is today, and we must adjust to the new circumstances, although some individuals have managed to escape the regular quarantine owing to their efforts.


Australia’s Chad Staples, who oversees a wildlife park, is chronicling his everyday work life in a blog. The man discusses what it’s like to run a wildlife park and posts heartfelt images of himself on social media.


The pictures not only prove Chad’s readiness for the job but also provide him a chance to interact with the animals.

Chad has loved animals ever since he was a small child, but he never thought that his love of animals would lead to a career.


He is always grateful for the chance to work with animals and graduate from high school at the age of 24.

Chad told Bored Panda the following:

My work began as a part-time zookeeper, progressed to full-time zookeeping for five years, then I began curating species, and now I’ve been a zookeeper for more than six years and another for a year.


Running two wildlife parks is certainly a lot of work, but because Chad is so committed, he doesn’t view his responsibilities as work. The guy is in charge of two parks: Mogo Wildlife Park, which is four hours south of Sydney, and Featherdale, a park near Sydney.


Both parks have distinct kinds of wildlife; one has the biggest collection of Australian creatures, while the other solely includes endangered species.