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A Couple Of Cats Come Up To The Door And Want To Be Let In To See Their Kittens

Gianna Llewellyn and her friends Christie and Rob moved into an apartment in Brooklyn, New York (United States) just over a month ago, completely unknowing that they would be greeted by two lovely kitties.

The two lovely felines came together and approached the apartment’s door, hoping to get access. They came in small groups in the mornings and evenings in quest of food and a few caresses over the first few days.

Gianna said to Love Meow:

“There was a lovely orange cat (10 months old) and a black kitten playing around the garden. They were interested about the newcomers, and when we fed them salmon for supper, they immediately became friends.

A couple of cats come up to the door and want to be let in.

Miso and Suki were the names of the cat couple. They quickly opted to establish their home in the apartment’s backyard, where they could enjoy human contact and attention.

Gianna explains:

“They sat on the windowsill as Miso (the orange cat) groomed Suki,” says the narrator (black cat). They were never far away. Even when we were outdoors, they followed us.

Miso was the more social of the two, and he used to meow, almost as if he was begging to be let in; they were both ready to be inside cats. Suki had a little bigger tummy than Miso’s, according to Gianna, and she would lie down for a long period despite being quite skinny.

Suki’s pals believed she was expecting a child.

Gianna decided to continue:

“We decided to take them to the vet just in case,” said the family. We were able to get both of them, which was not difficult at all. As if they were already our pets, they let us pick them up.

The vet verified Suki’s suspicions: she was pregnant, due to give birth in a few weeks, and Miso was unquestionably the father of the children. That day, the two cats began to investigate the apartment’s interior one room at a time, then curled up silently to rest.

Gianna sought assistance from the Little Wanderers NYC Animal Rescue Center. Miso was neutered and vaccinated at the facility, and he was now ready for his new life with Suki.

Suki gave birth to a litter of seven kittens that are all healthy. The new mother nursed the babies as Miso sat patiently without bothering her. From time to time, the new father would peek at the kittens and sniff them carefully.

Suki, according to Gianna, is a wonderful mother. She said, ”

“She is weary from all of her infants’ wailing, yet she is a wonderful mother to them. She still plays with Miso and hangs out with him, but she licks her kittens every hour to remind them to eat.

The kittens are doing well and are starting to open their eyes and wriggle their paws. Miso is constantly on the hunt for them, and Suki likes following her around the home since she is the only one who can keep Miso’s enthusiasm in check.

They have quite different personalities; whereas Miso is a little terrifying and needs a lot of attention from her mate, Suki is more self-reliant, calm and courageous, and full of love.

You can discover more about Little Wanderers NYC’s efforts and the animals that are looking for a permanent home by visiting their Instagram account.