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Best Buds: Cat and Owl Form an Extraordinary Friendship

If you think the tale of the “Owl and the Pussy-Cat” is just a singsong, fairytale poem that parents read to their kids—think again. A friendship between a feathered fowl and a furry feline is happening in real life.

Cleo the owl and Forbi the cat are best buds. They’ve known each other for a long time and have always been very close despite their differences.

The two creatures reside at Buriki Atividades Ambientais, an environmental education center located in Brazil. A video showing the funny friends was posted online by biologist and animal lover André Costa who teaches at the center.

In the short clip, the cat and the owl seem perfectly comfortable hanging out together. Forbi paws playfully at Cleo to try to get the adorable owl to play.

Costa was shocked at the response that the impossibly cute video received online. He posted on his Facebook page that the number of shares “shows that we still have people in the whole world who love animals and are willing to protect them and love them.”