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The Neighbors Laugh At The Very Fat Monkey That Consumes Whatever Fried Food You Give Him

Finding a monkey in Thailand’s streets and marketplaces is not unusual; in fact, the Thai government sterilizes macaques to prevent their spread. However, a 3-year-old monkey named Godzilla recently generated a lot of buzz after a video of him was uploaded on social media.

The monster weights roughly 20 kilos, which is very large for an animal of its type, and the fact that it appears amusing to some has only alarmed others.

The monkey, it turns out, lives in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok’s Min Buri neighborhood, and is frequently fed by “good-hearted” passers-by.

Godzilla, as he is known, typically appreciates the oily meal that is served to him. Everyone wants to feed him, and the situation has devolved into a form of sadistic entertainment that draws tourists in.

While humans like the monkey’s company, the unfortunate creature is gaining weight every day as a result of unhealthy eating.

Goszilla is cared for by Manop, a market trader who adopted him when his previous owner turned him down. Since then, he’s become accustomed to being fed by others.

“Godzilla was discovered when he was quite young by the rescue squad. And because he was raised on human food, he has no idea how to obtain food on his own in the wild,” Manop explained.

Manop brings the macaque to the market since he has it with him and doesn’t want to leave him alone, but the people there grew fond of him.

“I take Godzilla to the market with me so that I can look after him. I don’t like it when he’s alone because it makes him stressed. Many people offer food to Godzilla, but he only eats from those he likes. He’s a fussy guy who may become enraged if he doesn’t like someone “Manop remarked.

Godzilla’s oddities have made him a local icon, and the bad news is that his health may be in jeopardy.

His anecdote somehow illustrates the unconsciousness of those who, in order to satisfy their craving for fun, ignore the harm they are causing.

The owner brings the fat monkey to training every day in try to enhance his health, but it isn’t working. Manop is unsure how to resolve the situation, but Godzilla’s weight will not diminish as long as he continues to eat irresponsibly.

The networks have been outraged by this video.