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This Blind Dog Can Move Thanks To His Best Friend Who Always Guides Him

Friendly dog Hoshi lost both of his eyes when he was 11 years old due to the glaucoma condition. Although it was a terrible ordeal for him and his family, Hoshi’s magnificence is not diminished by the fact that he is a blind dog.

Fortunately, months before the operation where Hoshi’s eyes were removed, he saw a tiny angel named Zen who was discovered on the streets of Spokane, Washington.

Zen presented various health issues, including an enlarged heart, pulmonary edema, a small trachea, and a bad state of his teeth, in addition to having a filthy and neglected look.

The human mother of these two gorgeous canines, Paulina Pérez, remarked, “I fell in love the instant I saw him. We were unaware of how significant a part Zen may have in Hoshi’s life.

Hoshi was in an extremely difficult situation in his life when Paulina Pérez and her partner decided to adopt Zen, so they were very unsure of how he would react to the new addition to the family. To their surprise, however, Zen and Hoshi got along right away.

Both parties profited from their relationship’s development; while it is obvious that Zen supports Hoshi, Hoshi has also been helpful to Zen. Zen was quite anxious when he first got to his new house, but with Hoshi’s assistance, he was able to calm down and exhibit all of his beauty.

Zen appears to be fully aware of Hoshi’s need for his assistance, which explains why he is constantly by his side, directing and caring for him. They undoubtedly understand what a true friend is.