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This Dog Used As Fighting Bait Waited Sitting On An Old Couch For Someone To Rescue Him

The dog waited sitting on an old chair for several days on a street in South Texas, only moving from there to look through the trash for some food. Duke was completely alone, sick, and depressed. He needed help, but everyone ignored him. However, someone made a difference, and now he is recovering to find a family that gives him all the love he deserves.

People in Duke’s area were aware of his predicament, but did nothing to rescue him until a woman posted a picture of him on Facebook asking for assistance, at which point Leslie Ysuhuaylas responded.

Volunteer with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Leslie noticed the message right away and sent someone to pick up the puppy.

Leslie said to The Dodo:

“I was terrified and didn’t have faith in anyone. He was quite careful, yet it was obvious that he had been mistreated terribly as a puppy.

As soon as Duke was saved, the lady rushed him to a Dallas vet clinic where they found that he was dehydrated, anemic, had scabies, fleas, cataracts, and his teeth had been filed, which is why it is believed that he was used as bait in dog fights. He also had anemia and scabies.

According to a statement from an ASPCA representative:

Sharp or torn teeth might be a sign that the animal was used as bait to reduce injuries during training matches of wrestling.

Bitches, on the other hand, typically have their teeth filed down to facilitate reproduction. Duke, however, was probably a bait dog as indicated above because he is a male.