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This Dog Named Billy Was Dropped Off At A Shelter Seven Times By His Former Family

Although Billy appears to be cheerful, he is actually a very dissatisfied dog. The same family abandoned this lovely puppy at a shelter seven times. Every time his human parents thought they couldn’t handle him, they gave him to the New York animal care facility. After the required 72-hour detention term, they went looking for him again.

“Billy’s owners’ actions were obviously extremely careless and had a significant negative impact on him since the final two or three times he was left off at the shelter, he became quite nervous and agitated. When Billy was returned to the shelter for the seventh time, a staff member approached us and asked if we could assist him.

This dog was left at a shelter seven times by the same family

Billy was removed from the shelter after his 72-hour hold expired the last time, got veterinary treatment, and is now prepared to be adopted by a family that will genuinely cherish him and, of course, never abandon him.

This nine-pound canine gets along nicely with other canines and kids older than five. He is prepared to begin a new life.

UPDATE: Billy’s story went viral, and he now has a permanent home. The young child is now content and will never be left alone again.