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Cute Shelter Dog Photobooth Pics Help Them Find Forever Homes

The Humane Society of Utah, an animal rescue and adoption organization in the U.S., is back with more wonderful shelter dog photos. Their ongoing project was started with the intent of casting these adorable dogs in a more positive light to help them find forever homes.

With the help of pet photographer Guinnevere Shuster (a professional photographer who also helps black dogs get adopted), the Center aims to show these cute dogs the way they’d really look if you allowed them into your life – out from behind the metal bars that contain them at the animal shelters they live in.

These pet portraits capture these dogs’ individual personalities, and it looks like the approach works – the dogs that get the photobooth treatment get a lot of attention, and many of them get adopted as well because of these beautiful photos.

Lady – Adopted

“We’re pretty sure a few cartoon artist have used LADY as their muse. This seemingly aloof wallflower actually loves attention after spending a few minutes getting to know you. LADY is a four year old Doberman Pincher. Dobermans are known to be good natured, extreme loyalty, highly intelligent, and have great trainability”

Andie – Adopted

“Looking for someone to keep up with you on the trail, who can make you smile first thing when you wake up in the mornings? You should probably come meet Andie! This 3 year old Boxer mix is a great catch! Not only is she incredibly athletic and great at playing fetch and tug… she also knows her basic commands like sit, stay, down and leave it, AND she LOVES kids”

Charlie – Adopted

“Looking for a pup with a “Can do” attitude, always up for an adventure and ready to be your action sidekick…Then CHARLIE is the pup for you! CHARLIE is a Tripod (missing one of his hind legs) but he does’t let that slow him down one bit! He’ll gladly protect you from all the squeaky toys and hang right by your side”

Chief – Adopted

“Do you like to gossip? So does Chief the 6 month old hound-dog mix. He loves telling everyone all about everything! But don’t worry – unless they speak dog, no one will know your secrets. This sweet and friendly guy would love an active family that will take him on daily romps and teach him how to be a great doggy”