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Dog Carries His Sick Brother’s Bed To Make Him Comfortable

Since they became brothers, Spanky and Roman have been inseparable, and a new video of the two of them dragging the bed closer to Roman has grabbed everyone’s hearts.

Roman’s ear swelled and became infected a few weeks ago, and when he took him to the vet, they discovered that he had a bruise on his ear, which required surgery to correct.

As the operation date approached, the puppy got increasingly agitated, and Spanky became increasingly concerned about his brother’s well-being.


The mother of the puppies decided to go back to the vet to see if she could wait another five days for the procedure.


Spanky had to wait outside in the car for 20 minutes on this visit to the vet and was pretty impatient, whining until Roman returned.


Roman and Spanky’s aunt, Jackie Roger, told The Dodo:

“Roman is unquestionably Spanky’s safety net. Spanky doesn’t do anything without Roman and constantly makes sure he’s near by, getting up and walking up to him if he isn’t.”


The only thing they could do for Roman until operation day was give him the space he needed to recuperate.

Because everyone is at work during the day, they decided to put cameras inside the house to ensure that everything with the dogs was running smoothly.

Jackie was looking through the photographs from the camera at one point and noticed Spanky’s kind gesture toward his brother.

The lady stated:

“I watch Spanky pacing for a minute while he looks at Roman and then to the bed, then I see him dragging the bed towards Roman, almost as if to say, ‘This is for you,’ and then he’s hugging him in the next film.”