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The Mouse That The Boy Was Supposed To Trap Gets Befriended By His Cat That Don’t Mind Anything

Simón’s father, Benjamin Sagredo, a lovely kitty, began to hear unusual noises emanating from his kitchen in Punta Arenas, Chile, on a regular basis. Benjamin was unconcerned about the sounds because they were weak and only happened once in a while.

Simon, on the other hand, seemed to be aware of everything and was aware of the intruder who had been making these unusual noises, and he felt it was best to make him feel at home.

According to Benjamin, who spoke to The Dodo,

We had no idea what it was. We’d seen Simon tinkering with something beneath an armchair before, but we didn’t think much of it.

Credit: Instagram / benjoandres

On his way to the kitchen one morning, Benjamin came across a pretty incredible spectacle. As if that wasn’t enough, the guy saw a little mouse quietly sipping beside his cat’s water dish, and Simon didn’t appear disturbed or alarmed by the rodent’s presence; in fact, he looked to be making friends with him.

The cat with the noble heart had evidently befriended the animal that was apparently born to hunt and had a terrible animosity with it.

The guy explains:

“They appeared to be quite familiar. Simon was showing his devotion. I made the decision to videotape it. I was afraid that no one would believe me.

Credit: Instagram / benjoandres

Simon’s father was taken aback, but after witnessing his cat’s kind response to the mouse, Benjamin couldn’t help but emulate his feline. Simon’s generous deed and compassion were undeniably contagious.

Benjamin remembers:

“I was moved by the small mouse’s plight. He couldn’t bear the thought of harming her. Chefcito was his nickname.

Credit: Instagram / benjoandres