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Dog Was Trapped In A Sewer About To Die, But Got A Second Chance

Although Shanty is incredibly loved and grateful, she has experienced some really horrible things in her life. When this dog was rescued, she was infested with flies, stranded in a sewer, dehydrated, and covered with maggots that were consuming her alive in a cut on her neck.

Before volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived for her to offer her a second chance, she had been lying there unmoving for approximately a week with no one interested in treating her.

In order to prevent additional harm to her, the rescuers gave her some cookies, wrapped a blanket around her, and then carefully lifted her out of the culvert. She was rushed for veterinary treatment because she was shivering.

They gave her intravenous hydration for a number of days until they could stabilize her, sedate her, clean out all the worms from the incision, apply disinfectant, and bandage it.

said Animal Aid Unlimited:

When we saved the child, she was “if there was any animal on the virtually certain edge of death.”

Although it was difficult, Shanty’s rehabilitation process was much aided by the wonderful affection of her rescuers. Six weeks after being found, Shanty has a much happier disposition. She is still shy around humans, but she has a sweet bond with one of the volunteers.