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Family Helps This 100-Pound Beagle On His Weight-Loss Journey

An fat beagle puppy was surrendered to an animal shelter after his owner gave him over over the phone owing to his obesity-related issues. The tiny dog, Wolfgang, was friendly, but he was definitely overweight, weighing up at 90 pounds when they placed him on the scale.

Because this weight was three times greater than the permitted body weight, doctors, rescuers, and volunteers at the shelter were quite concerned.

Wolfgang, despite his challenges, never allowed his history define him, and his adorable nature was always a testament of it.


A volunteer at the shelter, Erin McManis, told The Dodo:

“From the moment we took him out of the shelter, he was exceedingly pleasant and sociable, and that hasn’t changed. We opted to adopt him because we wanted to watch his weight loss.»


Erin and her family decided to take the chubby puppy home after spending a few days at the Arizona Beagle Rescue to help him. Wolfgang could only walk small distances at first since he fatigued fast and grew upset with any physical exercise.


His weight also made it difficult for him to perform activities he enjoyed, such as welcoming his new mother at the door.


Erin stated,

“Whenever I return home from work, my dogs normally greet me at the door. Wolfgang, on the other hand, was unable to do so. He’d just exhaust him to the point of exhaustion. He’d sit on his bed, wagging his tail as hard as he could, waiting for me to come over and greet him. He was able to go out the door when he started dropping weight.”