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The Crew Of A Ship Rescued A Little Bird That Was Lost At Sea

Off the US state of Maine, a little bird was blown out to sea by severe winds. Before being saved by a ship’s crew, the poor little bird appeared to be facing a harsh and unhappy life. When Jacob Knowles and his crew on their boat noticed the young bird suffering in the water, they sought to assist him right away.

The small bird got treatment for its recuperation on the journey back to the seaside. It was a first-class flight, in The Dodo’s opinion, because the crew provided him with food and a warm spot to dry his little wings, even allowing him to gently rest on Jacob’s head.


The small bird that had been found took to the air and quickly flew away as the boat drew near the land. After the brave rescue, the crew was happy, and that was the finest compliment they could hope for.

This video shows how events developed: