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Terrified Dog Abandoned During Hurricane Is So Happy To See Rescuers

When a puppy that had been abandoned amid the flooding caused by Hurricane Florence was ultimately saved, she appeared to be quite joyful. The unhappy cat, who appeared to have been abandoned by her owners when they fled the storm, was discovered by PETA outside a home in Lumberton, North Carolina.

After the Lumber River exceeded its banks and inundated the city, the dog was discovered stuck on the front porch of the house that was nearly submerged in floodwater.

She was pacing on the porch when one of the rescuers came up through the water and sat down, beckoning the unfortunate animal to him.


Rescuers arrived and began giving her some affection, despite the fact that she was afraid and quite cautious.


The abandoned puppy was taken to a parking spot that had been prepared up by emergency personnel by PETA officials. She was then transferred to a local shelter.

It’s difficult to understand how someone could give up their dog, who is a member of the family. But since Hurricane Florence, the group has performed several rescues.


The group posted the video on Facebook and stated:

“RESCUED! The terrified dog was found by PETA’s rescue crew in Lumberton, North Carolina, sitting on the porch of a flooded house with no means to escape the rising waters of #HurricaneFlorence. They were able to transport him to safety.”

Not alone are dogs left alone in the floods to fight for themselves, but PETA has also been pulling scared cats from the flooding. They distributed a video of cats hiding out behind some storage bins.

In these challenging circumstances, PETA has been working really hard as team members wade into deep water to assist the animals.