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He Adopted A ‘Mini Pig’ And Now Has A Giant Sow That Weighs 300 Kg

Through an old classmate, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter acquired a lovely Mini Pig. She informed Steve that the piglet was around 6 months old, that it came from a farm, and that it wouldn’t grow much. Esther was transformed into a 300 kilogram big pig after some time.

CREDIT: Steve Jenkins

Steve Jenkins stated, “She wrote to me one day and said she knew I was an animal lover and asked if I wanted to adopt her tiny pig.”

The dream of owning a Mini pig at home seems to have faded away. This unique species is part of a growing trend of unusual pets that has taken over social media.

They exhibit dog-like habits and a really charming demeanor, according to reports. Steve discovered that his pet was only four to five weeks old when he decided to take him to the vet.

CREDIT: Steve Jenkins

Esther wasn’t a Mini Pig, after all. Despite this, Steve and Derek agreed to keep her two dogs and two cats in the same house as hers.

« Every time our guests visited they commented on how large she was of her and asked what we were going to do with her. “We used to say, ‘You’re wondering the same thing,'” Steve recalled.

Steve and Derek, on the other hand, are overjoyed. Esther has created quite a stir on the Instagram social media platform. They even altered their dietary habits and attitudes toward animal welfare.

CREDIT: Steve Jenkins

They were so enamored with Esther the pig that they decided to write a book about her. « She has an extraordinary capacity to connect with people on a deep and meaningful level, which translates to her having a significant effect on many facets of her life. “We call it ‘the Esther effect’ because it’s difficult to describe,” Steve Jenkins said.

As a result, the couple decided to launch a crowdfunding effort in order to fund their move to a farm outside of Toronto.

They now live happily with almost 40 animals. It wasn’t quite what they had hoped for, but it was much better.

CREDIT: Steve Jenkins