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People Frequently Mistake A Cute, Unusual-Looking Dog For A Piglet When He Goes For A Walk

Many animals have a distinct appearance that distinguishes them from others, but occasionally this physical uniqueness draws people’s attention, such as a little, unusual-looking puppy that nearly always confuses people and leads them to believe it is a miniature pig.

When Devan Seaman got Ted, the small dog, he was nearly bald, but with time, he began to develop hair in spots. Nonetheless, he did not have the look of a typical dog, since Ted has always been distinguished by having a physical appearance that is distinct from that of others.

Ted was adopted from a shelter by Devan. They assumed it was a Chinese Crested Dog mix at the time, but after adopting it, they wanted to take a DNA test.


The results of the test indicated that it is mostly a chihuahua and a tiny poodle, with a little amount of shih tzu and other breed varieties. Regardless, Ted’s look is distinctive, and people are often taken aback when they first encounter him.


Devan said to The Dodo:

“When people first meet Ted, they have no idea what to make of him. He’s a quirky and endearing creature! They are constantly impressed by him and want to know what race he is. Everyone often remarks on how adorable he is and how human his eyes are! ”

Ted’s physical attributes cause a lot of stress, and lately, an unusual incident occurred that brightened everyone’s day.


While Devan and Ted were out on a typical stroll, a kind man approached them to welcome and converse with them, as was customary. While the guy petted Ted and chatted with Devan about his life, the woman immediately understood that the subject thought Ted was a pig.

Ted’s mother was taken aback, but she was enjoying the moment, so she didn’t want to contradict the man and instead allowed him continue telling his stories.

Devan remarked:

“He was nearly fully out of it by the time he added that his family also owned a pig, and he didn’t want to spoil his enthusiasm at seeing a pig.”

@alldogsgotodevan Ted may not look like a dog but also doesn’t look like a pig #tedtok #dogsofttiktok #SHEINcares #eieio ♬ original sound – Devan

Although the woman was unsurprised by the man’s behavior, she was intrigued by how he treated her pet.

Devan continued:

‘I was not surprised in the least. Ted gets mistaken for a pig practically every day, to be honest. People usually wonder if it’s a pig or a possum.


People also wonder if it’s a dog, but the answer is evident if you look attentively at each of its qualities. Perhaps its short tail confuses people since it resembles that of a pig, yet all of its attributes are distinct.

People who are constantly hesitant to declare what type of animal it is, never claim it is a dog, and even believe it is a werewolf. His distinct appearance gets everyone’s attention, and, strangely, it’s what Ted prefers.


Ted’s favorite habit is spending time with people and watching what they do, because people fascinate him.

Devan stated:

«He is always interested in what is going on. If people pass by, she will sit for hours staring out the window. On our outings, he frequently stops to observe people entering and exiting buildings.