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Grandpa Finds His Dog On The Street Three Years After Losing It

In Tbilisi, Georgia, this grandfather found his missing puppy on a street, and they had a heartfelt reunion. This pair of friends’ reunion, who undoubtedly never gave up hope of running into one another again, is extremely emotional.

The man approaches a dog that is curled up on the pavement and calls her name (Georgie). The dog glances up, pauses for a while, and then recognizes his long-lost closest friend.

As the two of them cuddle, Georgie weeps and wags her tail joyfully.

Someone told a portion of the touching reunion story:

According to what I understand of the narrative, the guy had lost his dog three years earlier when he got a call from a business owner informing him that a dog that looked a lot like his own was in front of his establishment. I’m not sure how he discovered this, maybe through some acquaintances.

Anyway, he arrived, and as he approaches, he expresses shock, saying, “It truly does look like him… The dog’s response and the way he cries out to him speak for itself.

It is a really emotional scene. Watch the heartfelt reuniting video.

The speaker in the video says:

Can you notice how similar it is to him? a yellow tag attached to his ear. Can you see it? Here. towards the tree’s root. George? You’re in Georgia! How are you doing, my dear boy?

The dog was vaccinated, probably neutered, and then released since it had a yellow tag in its ear, indicating that officials believed it was a stray.