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Grumpy Cat Falls In Love With Santa

Meet this lovely 15-year-old cat named Mackenzie. She has a grumpy face but was so happy when meeting Santa.

She couldn’t contain joy and happiness. Cat was having her best day that day.

“She has resting grumpy face,” Angela Rasuse, Mackenzie’s mom, told The Dodo. “She can be the happiest cat in the world — like, thriving and having the best time, and she just has this grumpy look on her face.”

Also she has said that cat is so adventurous.

Every Saturday leading up to Christmas, the Pet Valu store in Nova Scotia, Canada, let pets to meet Santa.

Mackenzie looked weird at first but she didn’t want to leave Santa’s lap. She felt in love with Santa.

“She trotted in like she owned the place and waited in line with all the other dogs,” Rasuse said. “I put her beside Santa and she growled, because she didn’t know what was going on. But then she played with the ball on Santa’s hat, she sat in his lap.”

“The funniest part was when we were like, ‘OK Mackenzie, you’ve had your turn. We’ve got the pictures, it’s time for the next animal,’” Rasuse said.

Cat absolutely loved Santa.