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Dog Escapes From Pet Hotel And Finds His Way Home While Family Was On Vacation

When a Kansas family’s security camera informed them that their dog was at the front door ready to go inside while they were on vacation, they were in for a huge surprise. Dexter managed to escape from the dog daycare and get home, contrary to what the family had expected.

The adoptive parents of this rambunctious youngster, Jeremy and Sarah Henson, were vacationing in Las Vegas, thousands of miles away. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw on their phone that someone had arrived at their door.

Inside Edition was informed by Jeremy:

“Oh my God, that’s Dexter,” we both said.


His parents attempted to soothe the agitated dog by speaking to him over the loudspeaker after noticing him. When they dialed the dog motel, someone arrived right away to take up the escape artist on four legs. The two weren’t at all shocked by Dexter’s escape on the way home given the initial hubbub.

Added by Jeremy

He obviously didn’t understand that we were away; he simply believed we were at home. And he was really concerned about protecting us.


Dexter’s mother claimed in an interview with Fox 4 Kansas City that her husband had previously taken the dog on lengthy walks; hence, it’s possible that this is how he learned how to get home. The woman questioned why the pet motel hadn’t informed them of the situation.

Sarah continued:

“His presence on our front steps did not surprise me. I phoned them since I was scared they wouldn’t be aware.


Although Dexter’s voyage to his house was unexpected, it is conceivable given that dogs have an exceptional sense of smell. Dogs have more than 100 million sensory receptors in their nose cavities, compared to only 6 million in humans, according to VCA Hospitals.