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Veterinarian Examines Animals Of Homeless People On The Streets For Free

Sometimes, when we believe that there are individuals who care and want to assist others, we lose faith in mankind. However, there are always inspiring tales of valiant heroes without capes who work to demonstrate the contrary.

Dr. Kwane Stewart, a 49-year-old veterinarian who spends his spare time travelling throughout California in search of homeless animals, is a good example.

The doctor recognizes the need to take action when he notices a puppy walking down the street with a homeless person.

But instead of taking the animals away from these folks who are homeless, they want to inspect them and provide free medical care.

The veterinarian is ready to assist; he is aware that the patient wants to give his best companion the finest, but his financial position does not permit it.

Kwane was raised in New Mexico, where he dreamed of making a difference in the lives of stray animals and spent his whole life attempting to save them.

He chose to pursue veterinary medicine in California because of this goal, and after completing his coursework, he was appointed the Stanislaus County Veterinarian in Modesto, California.

Despite not having planned it, he became aware of the need to do more for animals in 2007 when the US experienced the great recession. He observed how, due to a lack of resources, animals were abandoned or put on the streets during the financial crisis.

Kwane stated to CNN:

“People basically left their dogs in shelters, and modesto was struck especially hard in terms of job loss and housing loss.”

“That was the turning point in my career,” I said. He had been providing high-end medical care to individuals who could pay anything up until that point. However, all of a sudden, I was caught up in an economic conflict where individuals couldn’t even afford to care for their animals.

In this way, he saw that even if some individuals have financial hardships, they genuinely want to care for their animals.

In 2011, Kwane put up a booth with his girlfriend and kid, calling everyone he noticed walking by with their pets to offer a free examination.

quoting Kwane

“I had a whole row before I realized it. I really liked something about that. I repeated it once more before choosing to take it to the street and approach the homeless people directly rather than waiting for them to approach me.

Since then, he has spent many hours searching Los Angeles’ Skid Row and San Diego’s downtown for stray animals. When a homeless person and their canine companion are discovered, he always stops with his veterinary team in tow.