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Corgi Mom Takes Care Of These Pups After Mom Passes Away

Lab mom Autumn Dove was rescued from an auction by the Lonestar Dog ranch and Dog Ranch Rescue. She was pregnant. She had issues with the delivery and ended up needing a c-section. After her surgery, she was still having issues. Sweet Autumn passed away on the operating table. Now there were four hungry lab puppies to feed!

Enter Angela, the corgi momma. She had given birth two weeks ago to four pups and was still nursing. The foster mom of Angela, Jen, took a chance and gave one of the Labs to Angela. She immediately let it nurse and started cleaning him, like he was her own. Jen then introduced the other three lab pups to Angela. They latched on and fed right away. When Jen took the little labs to place them in an incubator to give the momma a break, corgi momma ran over to the incubator, barking as if to say, “Give me back my babies!” Jen gave them back, and they have stayed with her ever since.

Dog Ranch Rescue is a non-profit group based in Anna, Texas that rescues dogs from the horror of puppy mills. Renee Eden, president of the Rescue, and her family, also run the for-profit Lonestar Dog Ranch, a boarding and grooming facility. Follow both the rescue and ranch on Facebook at Lonestar Dog Ranch and Dog Ranch Rescue. The pandemic has negatively impacted their business, and they are relying on sales of cookies and merchandise from their store to keep them afloat. See the link here. All of the rescued dogs from this year have been named after people their supporters, called the Village, have nominated who have been affected by the pandemic- first responders, soldiers, doctors, and people who have been sick and passed away. They also have a podcast on Patreon that is called Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch.