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Goose believes He Is A Dog And Joins His Buddies In Barking

Tony is an Australian goose who resides in the state of New South Wales. After being abandoned as an egg, it was hatched by a hen. The inquisitive goose believes it is a dog and enjoys it

Geese are seen to be a good alternative to dogs as watchdogs, and Tony seems to take it a step further. He likes barking a lot when he is reunited with his closest friend, a dog named William, therefore he always has a squawk in him.

Tony’s mother captured a video of the two pals having a lovely discussion, as another dog named Betty looks on in the background, a bit perplexed.

Goose thinks he’s a dog.

Tony has a vast and diverse family, according to the Daily Mail, and lives with a menagerie of animals. Aside from his canine companions, he also lives with a Quaker parrot named Eggboi, a cockatoo named Yaga, two gorgeous horses named Henry and Jay, and Dot, the hen who raised him.

William and Tony’s friendship is really lovely, and it’s delightful to witness them share their weird talks. The mother of the goose is still perplexed by the friendship between these two buddies, but she enjoys seeing them interact.

His mother captioned a video of him with Dot, ”

“It’s hard to think Dot hatched a small yellow ball of fluff that could fit in the palm of my hand a year ago, and has now grown into this huge gorgeous guy!”

Geese are excellent protectors, according to Pets4Homes, and their high-pitched squawk can warn their family of any danger. They are extremely protective creatures, which becomes even more so during mating and hatching season.

Their vision is better to that of humans since they can perceive ultraviolet light, and they can identify possible predators. If they feel threatened, these creatures may be quite violent.

Tony’s mother adores her goose’s inquisitive nature, saying:

“With his energy and empathy, he is Dot’s personal bodyguard, dog companion, sprinkler buster, and a healer of wounded hearts. Even though he’s now a hormonal goblin, he’s completely gorgeous.”